VOLVO VIDA Software License Subscription

VIDA stands for "Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales," is the luxury car manufacturer, VOLVO's factory software for the aftermarket. It is designed to use with DiCE diagnostic interface and provides complete dealership level vehicle diagnostic coverage for new and old VOLVO cars. You could subscribe to service and parts information along with wiring diagrams, and the ability to do flash programming.
The VIDA is not to get confused with VOLVO PTT Truck software. Also, Volvo Tech Info and VIDA are two separate systems.
VIDA 2015 has an extensive HELP section which can be reached from any point within VIDA simply by pressing the "F1" button on your keyboard.
Available only for North America Workshops.

  • VIDA Overview

    In general, Subscription includes, new system developed by kencook. com





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  • VIDA DiCE Part Number

    9513000 DiCE
    9513001 DiCE Test Unit
    9513002 USB Cable, 5 metres
    9513003 USB Cable, 1 metre
    9513004 Power Supply Cable
    9513005 Bluetooth Unit
    9513006 USB cable, 2 metres
    9513007 USB cable, 0.7 metre

  • What's in the box

    VIDA 1 Year Subscription
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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: What is the difference between Volvo VIDA and Volvo PTT?
      A: Volvo VIDA is for Cars and PTT is for Trucks.
      Q: Does VIDA support immobilizer programming?
      A: Yes, you can use your locksmith account to do immobilizer functions