Ford OEM Diagnostic Scan Tool

Ford OEM Factory Diagnostic Scan Tool FDRS IDS License and VCM3 Interface

The Ford IDS / FDRS software and VCM3 interface is the factory diagnostic system use in Ford dealerships. The software application installed on a Windows 10 Pro computer works wirelessly with a  VCM3 interface that connects to the OBD II port for diagnostic and programming. Experience Master Technicians prefer to have Ford VCMM advanced kit with inbuilt four-probe Oscilloscope (p/n 164-R9823)

If you have a general repair workshop or specialized workshop, works on latest vehicle engine, transmission, immobilizer key programming, and PATS-related BCM programming, you should have this factory scan tool. Ford IDS/FDRS supports medium-duty F650 with Ford Motor. Auto body shops and glass installers need these tools for new ADAS calibration, including new Lane Departure, traffic sign detection, cruise controller calibrations. The Ford FDRS and VCM3 interface is supports CAN-D Mustang and upcoming F150 electric vehicles.

- Ford IDS/FDRS license (diagnostic and programming) 1 Year - $900
- Ford VCM 3 Interface (Bosch - Made in Germany) - $1495

If you have a Locksmith ID (LSID SDRM Account), you can perform immobilizer programming without paying any additional fees. Ford has an option to purchase service information and Wiring Diagrams, Ford Oasis, the system Ford Dealers use in North America. Ford support Right to Repair movement (R2R) Full functional Ford IDS R2R software.