Porsche PT3G-E-VCIv2 Diagnostic Interface PIWIS Tester III

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Porsche PT3G-E-VCIv2 is the newest interface that supports the CAN-FD protocol. It works with PIWIS Tester III, upcoming PIWIS IV, and PPN Virtual Platform.
Porsche BEV electromobility vehicles like Tycan required this new PT3G-E interface. The factory scan tool PIWIS use for Comprehensive coverage, including ADAS calibrations. The genuine PT3G-E-VCIv2 interface includes a WiFi adaptor and USB-A cable.

Manufacturer: ACTIA I+ME GmbH

  • Porsche PT3G-E-VCIv2 Interface Overview

    Nothing like the capability of using a factory scan tool; using PT3G-E as a technician, you have full capability of repairing the Porsche vehicles.

    In addition, Glass installers, Body Shops purchase this tool for new reader calibration, ADAS functions with an additional frame and targets. Master technicians with LSID can perform immobilizer-related repairs.

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  • PT3G-E-VCIv2 Interface Specifications and Part Numbers

    Manufacturer: ACTIA
    Made in Germany

  • PT3G-E-VCIv2 Factory Diagnostic Interface - What's in the box

    PT3G-E-VCIv2 Interface

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  • PT3G-E-VCIv2 Factory Diagnostic Interface Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does this Interface includes PIWIS III Software?
    A: No it does not