GM MDI 2 Global Diagnostic Interface MDI II / WiFi Version EL-52100

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The GM MDI2 is the new Global Diagnostic Interface tool for both current and future GM vehicles. It replaces the MDI introduced in 2007 and offers a compact communication module with increased processing power and security to offer faster transfer of data between a vehicle’s onboard ECU network with an auxiliary CAN bus.
The new MDI2 interface design to use with Tech2Win, GDS2 and SPS Flash programming.

Manufacturer: Bosch GmbH
      • GM MDI2 Genuine Tool Features:

      • - Uses a new, more secure Type B connector and Ground Offset Failure protection. A wired connection is recommended for longer programming events.

      • - The MDI2 is powered from the vehicle battery via the DLC Cable. It may also be powered over USB to perform firmware updates only using a PC.

      • - Uses USB 2.0 for faster firmware downloads instead of a separate AC power supply.

        - The DLC cable is twice as long as the previous cable and connects at the top, making it easier to use. The cable only connects to the MDI2

      • GM MDI2 What's in the box

        MDI device DLC Cable

        SAE J1962 10-ft. USB A to USB B Cable

        Ethernet Cable

        Two pcs. of D-Link Wireless USB Adapters (Dongles) for wireless connection

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