Jaguar LandRover OEM Pro Workshop Package

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The original Jaguar LandRover independent operator workshop package comes with a one-year subscription for a Jaguar LandRover SDD Pathfinder Diagnostic and Programming. In addition, make the optional selections of Computer, Interface, and Service information subscription.
The JLR diagnostic package will be preinstalled, and all functions will be tested before ship. If you already have LSID, it will be integrated into the JLR subscription.

Subscription Service Information 1Year

  • Jaguar LandRover OEM Independent Workshop System - Overview

    Jaguar Landrover SDD Pathfinder Diagnostic and Programming Subscription 1-Year - $1895

    Jaguar Landrover Service Information Subscription 1-Year - $3295

    BOSCH DoIP VCI Interface and VCI Interface - $3195

    Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 - Intel i5 6300U 2.4GHz / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD/Windows 10 Pro - $1100
    Condition: Renewed

    Panasonci Toughbook FZ-55 Intel i5 8365U 1.6GHz / 8GB RAM / 512 SSD / Windows 10 Pro - $2685
    Condition: Brand New
    Warranty: Manufacturer Warranty 3-Years

    ** All images are actual products
  • DoIP VCI Interface Specification

  • What's in the box

    JLR VCI Interface (JLR00001)
    USB Cable (F-00K-108-653)
    Diagnostic Connector Cable (1-699-200-366)
    Ethernet Cable (1-684-465-811)
    WLAN USB Stick (1-699-200-155)
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