Mercedes XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4

The new Xentry Diagnosis Kit 4 is the Mercedes-Benz dealer diagnostic scan tool to work on Mercedes’s new all-electric EQ and Internal Combustion motor cars. It comes with Xentry Diagnosis Pad2 and the BOSCH VCI interface. Pad2 is a sleek, lightweight design with a powerful Intel i5 8265U processor, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD storage tablet computer. The 13” HD multitouch screen with anti-glare film easy to work in daylight.
The new Xentry package sold in the USA comes with a 42 Month license with the software update. That means for 42 months you can make online software updates, Programming, SCN coding, and adaptation.

VCI Interface: Bosch GmbH Made in Germany
Pad2 Tablet: WiNMATE Factory in Taiwan
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    Pad 2 Tablet

    VCI Interface

    DLC Cable

    USB Cable

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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: What's the difference between Xentry Kit3 and Kit4?
      A: No difference except mew Pad 2 Tablet

      Q: Can I program immobilizer?
      A: Yes, you can use your locksmith account to do immobilizer functions