Mopar MDP Interface with witech2 Subscription

Mopar Diagnostic Pod (MDP) and wiTECH2 Subscription package. It is the newest diagnostic system for Chrysler FCA vehicles, including the new 2021 WL.
The MDP and wiTECH 2.0 system is required for diagnostic, programming, or ADAS calibration with new CAN-FD DoIP vehicles. In addition, Chrysler Dealerships use this as a dealer scan tool to work on the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee and other upcoming vehicles.
Add-on products - Techauthority / Stellantis Subscription and Mopar Flash tokens.


  • Mopar Diagnostic Pod MDP interface Overview

    The difference between Micropod2 and MPD is it supports the new CAN-FD and Ethernet (DoIP) protocol. The MDP is required to diagnose and program the 2021 WL and other upcoming vehicles equipped with the Atlantis High vehicle architecture. Android operating system, Atlantis architecture replaces Powernet as the next generation of FCA core in-vehicle electronics communication.

    For Diagnostic it needs wiTECH 2 Subscription and new model cars need Techauthority Subscription. For ECU reprogramming you can use TechAuthority subscription [ ]

    MDP works with the Chrysler FCA wiTECH software on all CAN vehicles - Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep. If you have a Micropod II interface scan tool, you must have this MDP for newer CAN-FD vehicles. For older cars with non CAN bus you can use Chrysler DRB3 or DRB III Emulator, also DRB 3 can reflash ECU with TechTool from TechAuthority subscription.

    This Chrysler package comes with an optional Panasonic Toughbook FZ-55, CF-54, or Dell Latitude Rugged R5414 computer.

    * Limitation due to short supply - one MDP interface per workshop.
    ** These images are for illustration purposes only

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  • Mopar Diagnostic Pod MDP Specification

    Connection use with OBD II connector
  • Mopar Diagnostic Pod MDP What's in the box

    Mopar Diagnostic Pod MDP Interface with Mini USB Cable
    FCA wiTECH2.0 License 1-Year

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