Denso DST-010 Interface Subaru Dealer Scan Tool

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Denso DST DST-010 is the newest Subaru interface, the successor to the Denso DST-i interface. The internal 32-bit microcomputer is powerful to support protocol ISO9141(K/L) and HS-CAN and Subaru protocols. In addition, the built-in wireless module allows Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to a PC.
The DST interface comes with a USB2.0 Mini-DIN connector and bracket to hold the USB cable, preventing accidental cable disconnection.
Denso DST-010 interface works with the Subaru SSM IV diagnostic programming software. This is the same diagnostic tool used by the Subaru dealership technicians.

Manufacturer: DENSO
Made in Japan

    • Subaru DENSO DST-010 interface Overview

      The Subaru Select Monitor IV provides 100% dealer-level systems coverage and functionality; model years 2004 thru 2023. 

    • The Subaru Select Monitor IV has identical systems coverage and functionality as used at Subaru’s dealer network, including smart key codes, key registration, keyless entry, blind-spot detection, combination meter, telematics, and adaptive cruise control. The SSM4 is the Subaru, factory diagnostic tool, providing the latest factory diagnostics code and re-programming files for Subaru vehicles. Most commonly, it is used by professional automotive technicians. The kit currently covers model year coverage thru 2021 and free software updates thru the 2022 model year. The software vehicle coverage and functionality is the same as the software used at Subaru franchised dealerships.

      *SSM4 is only compatible with Windows 10, and if used with any other OS the diagnostics interface may give errors.

      DST-010 offers high-tech features such as Automatic Vehicle Detection and Data Recording.  


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    • Subaru DENSO DST-010 Interface Specification

      Manufacturer: DENSO

      Made in Japan

    • What's in the box

      Main DENSO DST-010 Unit
      USB Cable
      USB Bracket
      DENSO Instruction Manual

      USB Cable

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