Ford VCMM Advanced Kit 164-R9823 with Gateway Module Breakout Box

The Vehicle Communication & Measurement Module (VCMM) works with Ford IDS and FDRS software to diagnose, program Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. combines all of the functionality of the VMM, VCM II, and MTS 4000/4100 vibration analyzer in an industry leading one-box solution. The combining of this functionality will provide dealers with industry leading diagnostic capability at a significantly lower cost of ownership.The Advanced kit includes all components and functionality found in the base kit P/N 164-R9822 along with the advance driveline balance kit and secondary ignition testing capability.

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  • Ford VCMM Overview

    Vehicle Communication (VCM II capability)
    - Customer Flight Recorder capable
    - 4-Channel Oscilloscope
    - 4-Channel Digital Multi-meter
    - 5th-Channel direct monitoring of the DLC connector
    - Vibration Analysis
    - Driveline Balance
    - Signal Generator

    4/5 Channel Oscilloscope
    -Improved user interface from VMM
    -Four independent differential Input Channels enables independent monitoring of signal types such as monitoring voltage while concurrently measuring voltage drop across the circuit.
    -A Fifth High Speed Channel that can directly monitor CAN signals at the DLC connector
    Capture/Record capability to assist in capturing intermittent issues
    - Advanced Triggering capability
    - Pre-Configured setup configuration for common signals and procedures
    - New Time/Angle time based settings (CKP/CMP timing diagnostics)

    Vibration Analysis and Driveline Balance
    - Similar functionality to the MTS 4000/4100
    - Improved user interface with reduced configuration and setup time
    - Color display
    - Record capacity
    - Strobe light Pick up loop for improved component identification*
    - Second vibration transducer
    - Dual Plane driveline balance

    The Digital Multi-Meter
    - Monitor up to four independent readings at the same time
    - apture/Record history
    - Graphing capability for up to two channels
    - Voltage, Current, Resistance, Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, Frequency and Period

    Signal Generator
    - User configurable settings for signal waveform types: sine, square, triangle, pulse generator, DC voltage and arbitrary.
    - Verify integrity of module input wiring and the module hardware
    - Improved interface and greater adjustability of voltage and frequency.

  • Ford ® VCMM Part Number

    - VCMM Unit
    - Wireless Communications with Host (2 ea. WiFi Adapters)
    - DLC Cable
    - USB Cable
    - Storage Case
    - External Power Cable (Battery)
    - USB Drive with Quick Start Guide
    - Test Lead: Red
    - Test Lead: Blue
    - Test Lead: Yellow
    - Test Lead: Green
    - Kit of All Probe Tips and Alligator Clips
    Probe Tips: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black
    Alligator Clips: Small Red, Small Blue, Small Yellow,
    Small Green, Small Black (4), Large Black (2)

    - Universal Probe Tip Adapter (Set of 4)
    - Low Current Probe
    - High Current Probe
    - Pressure Vacuum Transducer (PVT)
    - Fuel Hose Assembly
    - Transmission Extension Hose
    - Red Probe with Tick
    - Probe Tip Adapters (Set of 19)
    - Temperature Probe
    - Vibration Analyzer Accelerometer “A”
    - NVH Timing Light Inductive Loop
    - AC/DC Power Supply

    - Secondary Ignition Transducer Cables (Set of 4)
    - Coil-On Plug Ignition Transducer Clips (Set of 4)
    - Secondary Ignition Transducer Probes (Set of 4)
    - Vibration Analyzer Accelerometer “B”
    - Driveline Balance Kit

  • What's in the box

    VCMM Interface

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    Carry Case

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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Can I use Ford VCMM with Mazda Software?
      A: Ford VCMM does not work with Mazda IDS software.

      Q: Can I program the immobilizer with VCMM ?
      A: Yes you can use your locksmith account to do immobilizer functions