Genesis SMART Software Update Subscription - 1Year

The Genesis SMART License subscription works on Genesis GDS Mobile hardware kit - VCM II and Tablet. The dealer-level OEM diagnostic and programming license provides technicians with DTC analysis, module programming, and ADAS Calibration. In addition, the subscription comes with service information, wiring diagrams, and technical service bulletins inbuilt to the tablet with online updates.
The Genesis license comes with Diagnostic, programming, and service information in one single license, validity - 1 Year.

Type: Genesis

      • Genesis GDS Mobile License - Overview

        Genesis GDSM VCI II Interface, Cables and Samsung S4 Tablet Cost - $4545.00

        Connect the Genesis SMART for complete diagnostics, analysis, and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service, and repair information. Genesis is one of the fastest-growing luxury vehicle platforms in the United States. If you’re seeing an increase in these models at your workshop, it's time to get your Genesis SMART kit.

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      • Genesis GDSM License Part Number

        Manufacturer: GIT

      • Genesis GDSM - What's in the box

        Genesis SMART License 1-Year

      • Genesis SMART Customer Review

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      • Genesis SMART Vehicle Coverage

        Updated November 2021

        G70(IK) 2019 - 2022
        G2.0 T-GDI / G 3.3 T-GDI

        G80 (DH) 2017 - 2020
        G3.3 T-GDI / G3.8 GDI / G 5.0 GDI

        G80 (RG3) 2021 - 2022
        G 2.5 T-GDI THETA III / G 3.5 T-GDI LAMBDA III

        G90 (HI) 2017 - 2022
        G 3.3 T-GDI / G 3.8 GDI / G 5.0 GDI

        GV60 (JW1 EV) 2022
        160+160kw / 160kw / 70+160kw

        GV70 (JK1) 2022
        G 2.5 T-GDI THETA III / G 3.5 T-GDI LAMBDA III

        GV80(JX1) 2021 - 2022
        G 2.5 T-GDI / G 3.5 T-GDI

      • Genesis SMART Cables, Parts & Accessories

        . Genesis Kit Contents
        · GDS-Mobile VCI II Main Module
        · GDS Trigger
        · Cable-30P to USB
        · DC to 16 Pin Adapter
        · USB OTG Cable 5P
        . Cigar Cable T-module
        · SD Card Reader
        · USB Cable
        · Carrying Case
        · TPMS Bluetooth Adapter
        · Samsung Active Pro S4 Tablet


      • Genesis SMART Frequently Asked Questions

        q: Can I use my Hyundai Kia GDSM with Genesis SMART?
        a: NO, Hyundai and Kia GDSM is a different system Separate software and adapters VCI II is required.