Mazda IDS MDARS Workshop Pro Package

The Mazda IDS MDARS Workshop package includes Mazda VCM II Interface, Mazda IDS, and MDARS software to diagnose and program Mazda vehicles. The package comes with pre-installed applications ready to use with a license.

Manufacturer: Bosch GmbH

    • Mazda VCM II Overview

      Mazda VCM II cost - $2295.00

      The original Mazda Interface will seamlessly work with Mada IDS software as IDS checks the VCM II serial number for the license activation.
      USB wired connections are the only way to connect with the computer.
      There is no wireless function on the Mazda VCM II interface.

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  • Mazda VCMII Part Number

    Mazda VCM II P/N F000K-10-8820A
    DLC cable – 1.8m (6ft) - P/N F-00K-108-663
    USB cable – 3.1m (10ft) - P/N 1699200385
    Mazda VCM II hardware manual – DVD Start guide
  • What's in the box

    Mazda VCM II Interface

    DLC Cable

    USB Cable

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    • Cables, Parts & Accessories

      DLC Cable

      USB cable


    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Can I use Mazda VCM II with Ford Software?
      A: Mazda VCM II does not work with Ford IDS / FDRS software.

      Q: Can I program the immobilizer with VCM II?
      A: Yes you can use your locksmith account to do immobilizer functions