Mercedes Xentry Tab

Xentry connect diagnostic tool for Mercedes Benz

The Xentry Connect is new Generate diagnosis tool for Mercedes-Benz with wireless to replace of the SD Connect and Star compact3

XENTRY Connect is the successor of SDconnect and will continue to be connected directly to the vehicle as before. Diagnosis (XENTRY Diagnostics, XENTRY DAS, SDscan, etc.) will in future run straight on the XENTRY Connect.  This enables a complete PC core in the XENTRY Connect.  The operation of the diagnosis software takes place on the XENTRY Tab via a remote connection. 

XENTRY Connect offers the following product benefits:
Integrated multiplexer and diagnosis functionality
Close-to-vehicle diagnosis for increased system stability
Comprehensive diagnosis of all areas and categories

Please note:
1. The XENTRY Connect multiplexer is not compatible with Star Diagnosis compact4 and can only be used in combination with XENTRY Tab or a corresponding standard PC.
2. There is ONLY hardware and software (multiplexer, cables, software SSD inside MUX) in this order, has NO Xentry tab inside, please make sure you have the laptop to use it
3. If you want the Xentry Connect with the Xentry Tab, you can check Xentry Connect with Xentry Tab

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Legacy Tool - Not available for sale