Nissan CONSULT III plus with GT-R OEM Dealer Package

The Nissan CONSULT III plus with GT-R is the professional dealer diagnostic scan tool use in Nissan & Infiniti dealership.  This dealer package comes with CONSULT 3 software installed on Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 computer. Master technicians use this tool for short test DTC, single module scan, ECU, TCM blank transmission module programming, immobilizer, EV Hybrid maintenance function and ADAS calibration with targets.

  • CONSULT 3 III plus | GT-R Professional Diagnostic Tool Overview

    The Consult 4 will properly diagnose the GT-R and enables retrieval of the diagnostic information from the vehicle modules. Kit includes the calibration data files.

  • Nissan GTR

    J-47446-VI2-B Interface
    549747 GT-R Diagnostic / Reprogramming Security Card (IC Card Type)
    549413 Security Card Adapter (IC Card Type)
    549748 Flicker Security Dongle
    549749 Flicker Interface Card
    549750 Flicker Interface Cable
    549751 GT-R Immobilizer Security Dongle
    549752 Aluminum carrying case with combination

  • What's in the box

    Complete Kit with Interface

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    How to program CVT Transmission
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    Nissan VI2 Interface

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can this tool perform CVT Transmission programming? Yes, it can programme and calibrate CVT Transmission