SUZUKI SDT 2 Smart Diagnostic Tester

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SUZUKI SDT 2 Diagnostic Tool Kit is the new generation PC based diagnostic tool from Suzuki. This tool is faster compared to older SDT, and it supports immobilizer functions. The SDT 2 has similar diagnostic features compared to the original SDT, plus new features like VIN Lookup, Vehicle Health, and Communication Bus Check. The SDT 2 WiFi dongle is allowing you to diagnose vehicles remotely from your workbench. SDT 2 requires a software subscription. The SDT 2 diagnostic software only works on the latest Suzuki model vehicles


      To perform the Immobilizer programming for keys and fobs, you must have the SDT 2 diagnostic tool (part # F-00K-108-873) and the Immobilizer Dongle (part # F-00K-108-870). The SDT 2 kit contains a VCI interface module, a power supply, USB cable, DLC cable, and it all comes in a hard shell protective carrying case.

      Suzuki does not sell new cars in the USA, therefore updates not be available to purchase in 2019

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    • SDT-2 Specification

      Manufacturer: BOSCH

      Assemble in the USA

      Part Number: F-00K-108-768

    • What's in the box

      VCI Interface



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      Vehicle Coverage - Model Application List for SDT 2 Diagnostic Software

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      Immobilizer Dongle (part # F-00K-108-870)

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