February 20, 2016

Nissan CONSULT III Plus supports blank ECM and TCM programming. September 2013 Nissan and Infiniti began the phase-in of "blank" service part ECMs and TCMs. Depending on the model and model year, replacement modules come without software. When the replacement module is installed in an applicable vehicle for any reason, it will need to be programmed.

CONSULT III plus supports all ECU reprogramming on 1999 model year and later, and some TCM and ABS/VDC reprogramming on Nissan. When you purchase a C-III plus reprogramming file, you will get a zip file containing a data file (*.dat,*.kwp, etc.), a CSV file and a Reprog_readme.pdf. Please review the readme file for information on where to place the files in your PC.

Please Note: You will need C-III plus base software version 14.21 or later to perform reprogramming operations. Please Note: If you have previously purchased reprogram files, the data files (*.dat,*.kwp, etc.) you have in your library will all operate in the C-III plus environment; however, you must have the C-III plus CSV file. As new C-III plus reprogram files are released, the csv is updated.

How do you find module came as "blank"?
How does a technician obtain the Calibration?

Once you have found a calibration number, go to Nissan Techinfo http://www.nissan-techinfo.com Select the tab option C-III Plus then you select Reprogramming or Blank module.

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