March 12, 2019

Do I need Chrysler wiTECH 2 scan tool?

It's important they keep up on the diagnostics and the software on today's cars because it's mandatory. Today's cars are very complex and every year car computers are getting more complex diagnoses or programming. You will buy brand new cars and expect them to perform like like they're brand new. The most challenging thing is today's electronics if you can't verify a problem they can't fix it. wiTECH 2.0 is a scan tool works with Mopar Secure Micropod II interface it's has a lot more capabilities.

wiTECH 2.0 is incredibly fast compared to wiTECH 1, by the time you plug that Micropod II in and you can walk to your computer, or you can open your tablet, it's already up in the vehicle selection, and you can switch from vehicle to vehicle in the shop in a matter of seconds. It tells you all the recalls, DTC's flashes all of it is just one click away. It connects a lot faster once it's hooked then it just seems to be overall quicker, you know our job is base on the efficiency of the repair, and time is money.

The fact that wiTECH 2.0 is mobile makes a job so much easier. I can walk back and forth from the car to look at the live data walk back to the back of the car and check and see if the taillights are lighting up when I hit the actiuvator.
I'm updating a vehicle ECU it makes it simple I don't have to walk back and forth from the desktop computer to the car to turn the key on turn the key off, to do all the procedures I can do it right there in the car.

I don't have to require an assistant, let's say it's a wiring problem I can move it and watch if it's affected while it is happening it'll be live. Or you want to take it and show some other Technician on the other side of shop what's the data looks like, you can bring your tablet to the other side of the shop and show him.

The benefits that come with wiTECH 2.0 are outstanding, fixing cars properly and correctly we need the latest and greatest information software until they come out with something better continue using wiTECH 2.0

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