April 24, 2020

Mazda Diagnostic and Repair Software

Mazda MDARS provides complete dealer-level vehicle diagnostic and reprogramming coverage on Mazda 7th generation vehicles, starting with 2019 Mazda 3 and 2020 CX-30 models. The next-generation Mazda Motor Company vehicle diagnostic software designed for use with Mazda VCM II and certified J2534 interfaces.  MDARS uses the same license as IDS at no additional cost. Mazda IDS license you purchase also includes the MDARS license. It's based on Linux / Chromium project. 

Let me explain what MDARS is and how it works.


Questions and Answers

1) What are the recommended laptop specifications for running MDARS?
a. Operating System: Windows 10 Professional (64 Bit only)
b. Google Chrome version: 76 
c. Processor Memory (RAM): 4 GB or greater
d. Processor (RAM) Speed: 2.1 GHz or greater
e. Storage: SSD - Solid State Drive 256GB
f. Processor: Intel I5 6000 or higher
g. USB Ports: 3 - USB 3.0
NOTE: Reference Mazda Techinfo sites under System Requirements for more detailed information

2) Is there any new hardware required?
a. No. MDARS is fully compatible with the Mazda VCM II
b. MDARS does not support VCM I

3: I'm using old VCM with Mazda IDS, should I buy new Mazda VCM II?
A: MDARS works only with VCM II or certified J2534 interfaces. If you already have a Certified J2534 interface, no need to purchase another interface.

4)  What are the J2534 supported interfaces?
a.  Drew Tec CarDAQ-M / CarDAQ-Plus2
b.  Bosch KTS560

5) Do I need to purchase a new computer to use FDRS?
a. See “Recommended Laptop Specifications” above.

6) Will I need a new license to use MDARS?
a. No. MDARS uses the same IDS license at no additional cost.

7) Can I have two computers for IDS and FDRS with the same license
A: Yes. You can install on two separate computers or IDS and FDRS on the same machine.

8) What vehicle(s) does MDARS support?
a. MDARS is used on Mazda 7th generation vehicles starting with the following all-new models:

  • 2019 Mazda3
  • 2020 CX-30

9) Are Mazda IDS going to be discontinued?
a. No. IDS is required as MDARS transitions to full vehicle support. IDS will remain the diagnostic tool for all supported legacy vehicles, Mazda 6th Generation vehicles, and prior.

10) What internet browsers are supported?
a. Google Chrome 76

11) Can I have only MDARS?
a: To have full coverage for Mazda vehicles, you will need to install IDS and MDARS.

12) I'm in the place I don't have internet, will FDRS work?
A: Sorry pal that does not work as legacy Mazda IDS, MDARS offline work limited functions.

13) I understand a stable and reliable active Internet connection to the Mazda network in the shop is critical to ensuring efficient and proper operation of MDARS; however, I currently do not have reliable Internet connectivity in my service bay. What can I do?

a. Capture the VIN, move to a location where the internet is available, and download the tools; some tools will remain when connecting to a vehicle
b. MDARS provides some off-line support for critical diagnostic procedures in situations when the internet is not available at the vehicle location, for example, on-road testing, etc. ie. A system requiring internet access is indicated by the Wi-Fi icon next to the tool
c. Improve internet connectivity throughout the shop and service bays

14) What is the additional software required?
a. For Legacy vehicles Mazda IDS only; No other software is required

15) Are there any firewall settings that require updating to run MDARS?
a. No unique firewall settings are necessary beyond what is needed for Mazda IDS
b. Ensure user always selects “Allow Access” when prompted

16) Can I reuse the same tool (session) or applications for different vehicles?
a. Each tool is VIN-specific; some data will need to be downloaded for each vehicle

17) How are SYNC updates performed with MDARS?
a. SYNC programming functions can be accessed through the MDARS toolbox using the APIM module selection

18) How do I report a specific issue that occurs when using MDARS?
a. To report a concern that does not require additional assistance, utilize the ‘Report a Problem’ feature within FDARS. This is found by selecting the envelope icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
b. If the concern requires immediate attention, contact Technical Support

19) After installing the latest MDARS software, MDARS does not operate properly. What should I do?
a. Uninstall MDARS and all data; download the most recently available build
b. If the concern continues, contact Technical Support

20) Why can’t I connect to the Mazda server or download MDARS tools/files?
a. Please ensure the following:
i. Connected to internet
ii. PC has an MDARS application's latest version installed with a valid software license.
iii. Google Chrome
iv. If concern continues, contact Technical Support

21) After performing Programmable Module Installation (PMI), Software Updates, or Configuration, the procedure screen is white, and it takes a while to return to the toolbox. Is this a concern?
a. During this time, data is being sent back to the Company. Please wait until the toolbox is displayed.

22) Why does the module view only show HS1 and HS2 even though the vehicle has additional networks?
a. This view represents the networks MDARS uses to communicate to the Gateway Module

23) Why does Vehicle History not display the tests I ran in the last five minutes?
a. Vehicle History is created from data sent to Mazda every five minutes; this may cause a brief delay in viewing recent history. This will be resolved in a future release.

24) What does ST, DL, PB, RC, MF, and OTX Application in Vehicle History indicate?
PB=Power Balance
RC=Relative Compression
OTX Application=PMI, software update, or configuration

NOTE: More descriptive Titles will be added in a future release.

25) Why doesn’t the Device Connection and Battery Status icon state change when a disconnect occurs while running some of the MDARS tools?
a. While some tools are running, these icons stay at their last known state. This is due to the same VCMII/VCMM device connection being required to run the tool and determine the connection state.

26) After first identifying a vehicle, the vehicle graphic in the upper right corner is always displayed in the color white. Is this intended?
a. Yes. The vehicle graphics do not reflect the actual paint color of the vehicle identified

27) Is there training available for MDARS, and where can I find it?
a. Yes. Webinar and web-based training is offered through dealer portal.

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